September 20, 2013

TRUTH-TELLING: Oberlin College Blames The Blogosphere For Pointing Out That Racism Hoax Was A Hoax. “As we have documented before, and as the records released this morning further demonstrate, the Oberlin administration knew no later than February 27 that this was a hoax by students trolling for a reaction. There were no KKK supporters or Neo-Nazis prowling the hallways and buildings. Yet the Oberlin administration never told the students, the alumni, or the media. Instead, the Oberlin administration allowed students to live in fear. In the email last night, there still is no acknowledgement that the primary culprit behind this was a liberal pro-Obama ‘anti-racist’ activist, and that it was not what it seemed. Oberlin thereby furthers the damage done by the hoax.” For these people, it must always be 1963. Acknowledging reality would mean facing unpleasant thoughts.

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