July 31, 2013

DID I MENTION THAT HE’S A DEMOCRAT, AND CLOSE TO THE CLINTONS? Conflicting accounts about Anthony Weiner’s 2011 text flirtation with high school girl.

Weiner’s collapsing mayoral campaign has suffered communications problems of its own. After a Weiner intern described the campaign as rife with staff departures, non-payment of workers and lying in an article for the New York Daily News Tuesday, Weiner’s communications director shot back in an interview with Talking Points Memo, calling the intern a “twat,” “bitch,” “cunt” and “slutbag.”

Charming. Oh, but look at this: Huma to take “break” from job with Hillary. Just more collateral damage in the Democrats’ War On Women. But at least he’s not talking about binders or anything.

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