July 28, 2013

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: Yes, the RNC Really DID Support Federal Oversight of State Elections. “He who rides a redistricting tiger becomes afraid to dismount. As the RNC clutched the tiger’s ears tightly and created safe racially gerrymandered districts using federal oversight, Section 5 was also used to destroy election integrity and aid the institutional left. Until you see the abuse of power as it happens from inside the DOJ Voting Section as an employee, you simply cannot fathom how the federal power over the states is abused by DOJ bureaucrats. . . . After the story hit last Friday, Republican donors and grassroots activists around the country went nuts. Having the RNC seek the same goal as Eric Holder as it relates to election oversight is simply unacceptable in 2013. The donor and grassroots fury should be a lesson to any House Republican looking to re-impose federal burdens on states. It’s not 2006 anymore.”

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