July 26, 2013

OTHER THAN THAT, THE STORY WAS ACCURATE: The New Republic has corrected Richard Thompson Ford’s Zimmerman piece:

This article has been corrected. Zimmerman called various law enforcement officials 46 times, not just 911, as originally stated. He made the calls over an eight-year period, not over the course of 15 months, as originally stated. The original sentence also cited a call Zimmerman made about a seven-year-old boy; the clause has been removed as it implied that Zimmerman was reporting suspicious activity. It appears that Zimmerman made the call out of concern. We regret the errors.

You can see the list of Zimmerman’s calls here, and it hardly suggests he was an “edgy basket case with a gun,” as the piece still asserts. And of course, there’s the glaring error of treating Zimmerman — who would count as a “diversity hire” at any law school in America — as an honorary “white” for purposes of raising the race issue. If there’s anyone too quick on the trigger to be found in this matter, they appear to be writing for The New Republic. . . .

UPDATE: Just for yuks, here are the first 5 calls on the list:

8/12/04: Reports male driving pick-up without car seat
9/20/04: Neighbor’s garage door open
8/20/04: Reports white male walking in the road carrying a paper bag, presumably drinking
3/17/05: Pothole
4/27/05: Neighbor’s garage door open

Sounds like Death Wish: The Sequel all right . . . .

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