July 23, 2013

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Remember when Barack Obama Supported ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws? Neither Does He.

On Friday, President Obama launched a distraction move against Stand Your Ground laws. He made the move during his remarks on the Zimmerman verdict, despite the fact that Stand Your Ground laws played no role in that case.

Well, back in 2004 Obama was a state senator in Illinois. John Fund writes that at that time Obama sponsored SB 2386, “which broadened the state’s Stand Your Ground law by shielding the person who was attacked from being sued in civil court by perpetrators or their estates when a ’stand your ground’ defense is used in protecting his or her person, dwelling or other property.’

“S.B. 2386 passed the Illinois state senate by a 56–0 vote on March 25, 2004. It sailed through the state house with only two ‘nay’ votes. Both chambers were controlled by Democrats.”

Bringing that up now is a “distraction,” I suppose.

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