July 13, 2013


Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for turning me on to Gary Taubes via Instapundit, one of my favorite sites on the interwebs. Just following basic Taubes advice I’m down 31 pounds in just over 4 months, going from 260 to 229. I’m tall (6′-5″) so I’m almost where I want to be, and it’s been so easy and by far the best “diet” I’ve tried. I still enjoy beer and wine too. It took a couple of years of you posting about Taubes before I looked into it, so keep up the good work getting the word out!

Oh, and I try to use the Amazon button whenever I can to help your site out. Seems only fair considering the amount of great info I glean from it every single day.

Slim and stylish.

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