June 29, 2013

JOHN HAYWARD: Yes, the Zimmerman trial is a racial circus.

In response to Martin Family Atty: ‘We don’t believe the focus was really race”:

That’s a remarkable statement to come from the Martin legal team, since race is the only reason we’re having this trial at all. Everyone from the Martin family’s lawyers, to the professional grievance industry, to characters like the New Black Panther Party was busy whipping up riot conditions and treating Zimmerman as a fugitive from racial justice, which led to filmmaker Spike Lee endangering the lives of an innocent couple that just happened to be named “Zimmerman.” And there’s a good reason the media referred to Zimmerman as “white” until photos of him finally leaked out, and they had to change it to “white Hispanic,” a very special demographic of which George Zimmerman seems to remain the only high-profile member.

Indeed. Though he’s actually blacker than Homer Plessy.

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