June 10, 2013


Is there any evidence that all those kids with their Daniel Boone caps and play rifles in the 50s grew up to be mass murderers? How about my generation with our cap guns?

Perhaps Mr. Hill and the gang at Strobridge Elementary should be focusing on academics and not the firearms bugaboo. After all, a quick search of the California Department of Education web site shows Strobridge to be a 1/1 school. The first 1 means that, in terms of academic performance, their school is in the lowest decile of all schools in California. The second 1 means that if, instead of being compared to all schools in the state, they’re only compared to schools with similar demographics, they’re still in the bottom decile.

Actually, given this information, it’s now obvious why they’d rather focus on toy guns.

Yeah, whenever government focuses on stuff like this, it’s basically a tipoff that they’re failing at their actual jobs.

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