June 9, 2013

IN RESPONSE TO THE SPYING SCANDALS, a lawyer-reader emails:

When I was in law school, the US armed forces were banned from the on-campus interview process because of what the law school establishment viewed as their lack of respect for human rights. It cannot be gainsaid that no organization serves as a greater threat to the human rights of those living in the United States than the U.S. Department of Justice, which has run roughshod over civil liberties and continues to push the envelope in redefining acceptable law enforcement conduct. I can’t really understand how any law student would want to join in these efforts — even when more respectable legal work is so hard to come by — but the legal academy can demonstrate where they stand in this battle by refusing to aid and abet the DOJ through the use of their on-campus interview programs. Let’s add the IRS to the banned list to while we are at it.

If you publish this idea, please don’t use my name. Let’s make the DOJ subpoena our email providers to get it.

Well, I won’t give it up without a court order.

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