May 5, 2013

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College Administrators’ Priorities Not Always The Students.

How much do top college administrators care about their students? The results of a recent Gallup survey of college presidents are pretty revealing. While most college presidents acknowledge that tuition cost and academic preparedness are some of the biggest hindrances to student success, few want to try MOOCs—the method many hope might alleviate both problems.

Only eight percent of college presidents “strongly agreed” that the cost of higher education is affordable. And nearly 68 percent think that the biggest barrier for high school students is being academically unprepared for higher education. But only three percent “strongly agree” that MOOCs will improve the learning of all students, and only eight percent “strongly agree” that they will cut what students spend on higher education.

Perhaps this makes sense, given the following stats. Only 65 percent of college presidents think it is “very important” that graduates of their institution get a job; only 58 percent think it is “very important” that students graduate from their institution; and only 39 percent think the price of their institution’s degree is “very important” to the quality of the institution.

Their priorities are their priorities.

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