April 20, 2013

BOB MCMANUS: NYPD Vindicated: Will the AP apologize?

Looks like it’s time for the Associated Press to give back its Pulitzer Prize.

Just as it’s time for politicians — and especially the press — to stop chewing on Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s leg over the NYPD’s so-far-enormously-successful anti-terrorist surveillance programs.

Knock wood on the “successful” part, of course. If America has learned anything about terrorism since 9/11, it’s that the threat is incessant, though hugely unpredictable as to source, specific motivation and any given terrorist’s tool kit of choice. . . .

No doubt the dark fantasies that put the Boston bombers into motion will be teased out of their personal histories in the days and weeks to come. But there was enough on the record yesterday to discern radical Islamist motives in their plot.

That is, to ratify once again the wisdom of Ray Kelly and the NYPD in targeting Islamic extremism as a profound and continuing threat to New York and its citizens — all of its citizens, including thousands upon thousands of Muslims — and then acting accordingly.

Where was Kelly & Co. supposed to go to protect the city from Islamist terror — Lutheran quilting bees?

No. And he didn’t.

Meanwhile Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder were worrying about Tea Partiers.

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