April 19, 2013

DANA MILBANK WANTS TED CRUZ TO SHUT UP, ISSUES SLOPPY SMEAR: “Cruz is 42, the same age Joe McCarthy was when he amassed power in the Senate.”

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Calvert emails:

Can I play? “Obama is 51, the same age Joseph Stalin was when he called for the liquidation of the kulaks.”

This could be fun!

You’re now qualified to write for the Washington Post.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Christopher Arfaa writes: “Dana Milbank will turn 45 next week, the same age as Walter Duranty was in 1929, when he secured an exclusive interview with Josef Stalin.”

MORE: Reader Jay Brinker emails:

May I play?

How about: John Kerry is 69, the same age as Neville Chamberlin when he signed the Munich Agreement.

Or more Obama:

Obama is 51, the same age as Ho Chi Minh when he returned to Vietnam to lead the Viet Minh.

Heh. And reader Janna Blanter writes: “Nadezhda Krupskaya and Michelle Obama were both 28 when they got married – To V.I. Lenin and B.Obama, respectively.”

MORE: Reader Joel Mackey wonders why Dana Milbank is so racist: “His column generates one huge question in my mind, i certainly did not see him write anything of this nature about John Edwards’ or Barack Obama’s rise thru the Senate and into Presidential politics. So why does Dana Milbank hate HIspanics so much?”

And reader Ken Waggoner writes: “Dana Milbank will be 45 years old this year. The same age as Adolf Hitler in 1934 when he ordered ‘The Night of the Long Knives.'”

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