April 16, 2013

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Blue Civil War: Knives Drawn in Education Fight.

Delegates at the California Democratic Party convention overwhelmingly passed a resolution yesterday censuring fellow party members who support school reform and calling groups like Democrats for School Reform a front for Republican and corporate interests. . . .

The delegates and their union backers are responding to a surge of Democratic support for reform ideas like charter schools, test-based accountability, and teacher performance evaluations. Democratic LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Coalition for School Reform backed reform-minded officials in LA’s recent Board of Education elections. The group boasts among its biggest donors blue power-brokers like Michael Bloomberg, Hollywood executives, and other individuals who are hardly “Republican operatives.”

The results for Villaraigosa’s reformers in the LA school board elections were mixed, but the momentum is clearly on the reformers’ side. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a bipartisan consensus begin to emerge on education reform. Policies like teacher evaluation and parental choice are increasingly supported by elements of both the Right and the Left. The Democratic politicians and donors pushing for such reforms seem to have weighed the costs to unionized teachers and decided that they are worth the benefits to students.

We can’t say whether this means the reformers will win the day in California, but it’s safe to say that that the political coalition that once held the Democratic Party together is cracking.

Ultimately, people care more about their kids than about political loyalty.

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