April 8, 2013

ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Why More Female Teachers Are Having Sex With Students. I actually wonder if it’s happening more often, or if it’s just publicized more. I do notice, though, that this story includes lots of pro-woman spin; stories about male teachers’ misconduct don’t go similarly out of their way to talk up men.

UPDATE: Reader Owen Heslin emails: “I noticed that there were only two men in that school in Newtown. Perhaps these women would have cheated on their husbands in the time honored manner, with the people one works with, if there were any men left in the schools.” Yes, male teachers are extraordinarily scarce these days. Perhaps we need Title IX-style legislation to even up the numbers. It’s for the children!

ANOTHER UPDATE: An attorney-reader emails with an explanation of why there are so few men in teaching:

I have a case where a 48 year old man with no prior record was accused by his now 17 year old step daughter of various sex acts.

The mother of accuser was getting a divorce from him at the time, and he owned his home free and clear.

He turned down probation with no sex offender registration because “he did not do it.”

The accuser told three different stories, and after having worked in criminal law for over 10 years, her testimony seemed very dubious to me.

There was no additional evidence other than her testimony at trial.

Now he is in prison on a life sentence.

My question is what kind of society are we creating where we are empowering children against men to such an extent?

Might this be a reason for men’s fear of being placed in such a vulnerable position as a school teacher?

Why bank my entire career in such a place when it, and my life, can be completely destroyed at the whim of a false accusation?

I’m sure that’s right, but it’s just another thing to be addressed by my proposed legislation!

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