March 30, 2013

MORE LIB/PROGRESSIVE HYPOCRISY:  As John Nolte at Breitbart points out, The lamestream media was quick to condemn Dr. Ben Carson and other conservatives for pondering whether recognizing same-sex marriage as a constitutional right would open the door to other non-traditional unions, including polygamy, polyandry, or incest.  Yet they didn’t blink an eye when Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor– an Obama appointee– engaged in the same line of inquiry during oral arguments.  According to Nolte:

But no one on the left or in the media cared that Sotomayor used the horror of incest to make a point about same-sex marriage — because Sotomayor is a leftist and they know which way she is going to rule. Moreover, the point she was making was obvious.

The point Carson was making was just as obvious. But because the right-leaning Carson is both black and conservative, which makes him a threat to the left-leaning mainstream media’s  attempted stranglehold on the Narrative, doesn’t “know his place,” Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell and NBC News and CNN played “gotcha” with him to “put him back in his place.”

This sort of behavior by the MSM is so ubiquitous that I almost don’t notice it anymore.

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