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March 7, 2013

RAND PAUL STOPPED TALKING LAST NIGHT, BUT: McConnell extends Rand Paul filibuster: It’ll take 60 votes to proceed with Brennan nomination.

Related: This. Is. CNN. “Even before former NBC head Jeff Zucker has implemented most of long-term strategy to transform this moribund opinion network, its transformation into MSNBC appears to be near complete.”

UPDATE: AP Video Edits Out Standing Ovation At End Of Paul’s Filibuster.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Nick Gillespie: Three Takeaways From Rand Paul’s Filibuster. Here’s one: “The filibuster succeeded precisely because it wasn’t a cheap partisan ploy but because the substance under discussion – why won’t the president of the United States, his attorney general, and his nominee to head the CIA explain their views on limits to their power? – transcends anything so banal or ephemeral as party affiliation or ideological score-settling.”

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