March 5, 2013

WELL, OUR POWER’S OUT, but all the backup stuff works. We got to finish our program on HGTV, thanks to a big UPS that powers the TV, and we’ve got light and Internet. (And when you point this at the ceiling it lights a whole room). But I’m beginning to think the whole-house backup generator idea isn’t so bad. . . .

Here’s a post on cheap backup power.

UPDATE: Reader M.B. Locke writes:

It’s been a while since my last email, but your post on generators deserves a mention. We just had the opportunity to use the one we installed over a year ago, when a massive power surge took out our town for over 5 hours. Most in the neighborhood suffered melted surge suppressors and electronics damage (TV’s, treadmills, etc.), we only had a few popped GFI outlets. Can’t say for sure it was the generator that prevented anything, either way it served it’s purpose masterfully…half the house runs off it (12KW).

I had a post on selecting the right kind for your environment back in November, if you think it deserves a mention.

Here it is.

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