March 4, 2013

NEWS YOU CAN SNOOZE: Hit the gym or toss & turn: Sleep quality tied by ‘compelling association’ to exercise levels: U.S. experts.

Though length of slumber appeared unaffected by physical endeavours — both groups averaged six hours and 51 minutes on a weeknight – the quality of sleep proved vastly different. People who engaged in light, moderate or vigorous exercise reported consistently enjoying a good night’s sleep at a rate of between 56 and 67%, while sedentary participants’ rate was 39%.

Hirshkowitz cautioned, however, that “cause and effect can be tricky.” Though he suspects the good health fostered by exercise leads to improved sleep, it’s also possible that poor sleep makes people less inclined to exercise.

Always a question. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, give it a try. Just don’t work out too close to bedtime.

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