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February 25, 2013

CULTURE-WORK: Reader Greg Piper writes:

Hey Glenn, this is Greg Piper – we knew each other in the “blogosphere” many years ago (I told you about the band The New Deal).

I thought you’d be interested in a project I’m doing and could give it a nod on Instapundit.

It’s a TV comedy-drama loosely based on my days as a student reporter at Seattle Pacific University, an evangelical school regarded as liberal among its peers. It’s called COPY and it was a Scriptapalooza semifinalist last year.

Of particular interest to your readers: COPY’s exploration of the Christian college analog to Dartmouth’s “rot” that your Powerline link referred to today. There’s a lot of religious language employed in the service of progressive action at Christian colleges today, by administrations, student governments and (of course) faculty.

My writing partner and I describe COPY in detail in this video on our (draft) Kickstarter page.

Check it out.

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