February 16, 2013

MICKEY KAUS: Why I Hope Hagel Wins.

Why? Because immigration reform–i.e. amnesty–is by far the most important issue facing Congress this year. Obama’s aides and advisers certainly seem to know this. Tax and spending decisions can be reversed, after all. Same for whatever mild gun controls Congress might pass. “Climate change” initiatives could have a big impact–but they’ll never get through the House.

“Comprehensive immigration reform” just might. And the decision to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants, plus whatever equal number of relatives they bring in–and the potential to attract yet another fresh wave of illegals–would cause huge changes to the nation and the labor market. These changes, unlike tax increases, will be irrevocable. Once people become legal Americn residents they aren’t going to be made illegal. Certainly not if they’re on a “pathway to citizenship.”

If you support an “enforcement first/amnesty second” approach, as I do, you would understandably be feeling a bit beleagured right now. It’s not just that the Obama administration is against you, cooking up statistics showing “record deportations.” The press is against you. The elder statesmen are against you. The juiceboxers are against you. Even Fox News is against you. Practically all the Democrats are against you and the Hispanicked Republican elite is against you too.

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