February 16, 2013

EMAIL OF THE DAY: “Hey Glenn, nice job on Fox. You appear to have dropped 20+. Presuming that was intentional, nice work.” Well, it’s more like 10-12 lbs, courtesy of a mixture of Gary Taubes and Mark Rippetoe. And when you lose weight that way, I think you get more bang for the buck.

Hey, it worked for Marilyn Monroe.

UPDATE: Reader Tim Moncur writes:

The email of the day reminded me that I owe you a big thanks. I have always been active and concerned about my diet, but time was catching up with me (or so I thought). I had packed on extra weight, was tired a lot, etc.

I picked up Taubes’ WWGF and Rippetoe’s SS a few months back, based on your recommendations. Today, I am down nearly 40 lbs and, at 45, I’m in better shape than I was at 25. Simply amazing.

I really appreciate the information. Keep spreading the word!

Doing what I can!

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