February 13, 2013

PROSECUTORIAL DISCRETION: It’s not just who you prosecute, it’s also who you don’t:

In one meeting, Swallow reportedly told donors on hand that they were in a “high-risk” industry, and that customers who have second thoughts can demand refunds and make complaints to regulators if they aren’t satisfied.

“We understand this business, and we have these things come across our desk all the time,” one of the men recalls Swallow saying during his pitch. “If it’s somebody we’re not familiar with, we’re just going to treat it normally and prosecute it like we normally would,” the business owner said, describing Swallow’s comments. “But if you donate to the campaign, you’re going to lunch with Shurtleff. He’s going to know you. He’s going to know what you’re doing. And when we get complaints coming across our desk, we’ll take that into consideration.”

So there you are.

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