February 4, 2013

ANOTHER HELEN’S PAGE SUCCESS STORY: “Hundreds of people from all over the country pledged their support. Parents with kids spoke about their own experiences with indoctrination at school, with friends, and in their communities. People without kids pledged, as they explained, so that the books would be available when their kids were born. The book series became one of the most popular publishing projects on Kickstarter within 48 hours, catching the attention of individuals who then followed the path back to Helen’s Page . . . . Apparently ‘crazy’ ideas and values like personal responsibility, free enterprise, self-sufficiency, individual rights, entrepreneurship, freedom, and liberty are not so crazy after all. ‘Operation Demoralize’ doesn’t work when we aren’t isolated. We aren’t isolated when we have a community like Helen’s Page. Look. Connect. Support each other. Let’s show them what we’ve got.”

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