February 1, 2013

ROGER SIMON: Chuck Hagel Humiliates Chuck Schumer: Obama’s ‘Good Jews’ Revisited.

Not to mince words, the former Nebraska senator is an uninformed nitwit. He’s confused about practically every issue and doesn’t even know what the administration’s policies are. (Didn’t he study for the hearing? If he did, it’s even worse.) They had to send him a note in the middle of the proceedings to remind him of the administration’s position on Iran and “containment” and even then Hagel got it wrong. Carl Levin had to explain it to him.

I have never seen a nomination hearing so humiliating. (I see why people like Hagel though. He’s kind of an affable dope. But a secretary of Defense? Better for bartender at the golf club.)

More on Schumer’s loss of face here: “Really, have we ever seen a prominent senator so abused by a president of his own party?”

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