January 31, 2013

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Mark Cuban: Will Your College Go Out Of Business Before You Graduate? “When I look at the university and college systems around the country I see the newspaper industry.”

Plus: “The smart high school grad no longer just picks a school, borrows money and wings it. Your future depends on your ability to assemble an educational plan that gets you on your path of knowledge and discovery without putting you at risk of attending a school that is doomed to fail , and/or saddling you with a debt heavy balance sheet that prevents you from taking the chances, searching for the opportunities or just being a fuck up for a while. We each take our own path, but nothing shortcuts the dreams of a 22 year old more than owing a shitload of money.”

UPDATE: Reader Rob McFadden writes: “In Northern Virginia, an Associate in Applied Science (automotive technology) will have local employers lined up even *before* you’ve got the degree. And, if you’re willing to move to the oil patch the amount of money is astonishing.”

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