January 28, 2013

THE HILL: New special ops command in Mexico politically motivated, analysts claim.

The new U.S. special operations command created to help Mexico combat drug traffickers was allegedly conceived, in part, to bolster President Obama’s reelection campaign, according to defense analysts reportedly involved in the effort.

I wonder if there’s a “Fast And Furious” tie-in.

Plus, a Nobel Peace Prize Update:

U.S. special operations forces and counterinsurgency specialists returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are poised to ramp up operations across the globe, focusing on countries like Mexico, as well as partner nations in Africa and South America.

These small bands of special forces experts will lean upon “innovative methods” learned in Southwest Asia to support local counterterrorism forces and expand American influence in those regions, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said at the time.

I’m sure if this were the Bush Administration this would be getting more play.

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