January 16, 2013

SHE WASN’T FAKE, SHE WAS A COMPOSITE: Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax.

UPDATE: Okay, maybe she was fake. “While we still don’t know all of the dimensions of this and other than the perpetrators, I can assure you that no one knows all of the dimensions of this there are certain things that I feel confident we do know. The first is that this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can’t fully understand but had a certain cruelty at its core, based on the exchanges that we were able to see between some of the people who perpetrated it. Manti was the victim of that hoax. Manti is the victim of that hoax, and he will carry that with him for a while.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

So in all the months of inspirational stories of touching humanity no sports journalist did any real journalism to contact the family/ friends/ acquaintances of the girlfriend? No classmates at Stanford?

But journalism is important and bloggers and Tweeters are kooks.

Indeed. And it’s not new, as Daniel Boorstin pointed out.

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