January 14, 2013

IN CANADA, FEMINISTS TRY A PRE-EMPTIVE BAN ON SEXBOTS. “Imagine the feminist outrage if men decided to follow their example and outlaw vibrators due their negative impact on the pursuit for gender equality and the way they tend to objectify men as sexual objects.”

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh wonders if this might be a hoax: “I was interested in the story, and I tried to follow the links, but eventually got to one that was broken; and a search for “Human-Robot Relationship Act” (mentioned at http://theantifeminist.com/feminists-seek-legislation-over-sex-bots/, the last working page I could find in the link chain) found no reliable sources on the subject. This makes me wonder whether there’s any there there, though I’m not positive about it.” Beats me. Though even as a hoax, it’s probably a case of hoax foreshadowing reality. . . .

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