January 12, 2013


I was actually kind of shocked today when I went online to register to vote and had to answer a race question–i.e. what was my “Ethnicity/Race”?–in order to finish the process. I would have thought race questions and voting registration don’t mix. I get to vote whichever way I answer, right?

The question wasn’t marked as optional–though other questions were, leaving the strong implication that if I declined to answer this one my registration wouldn’t go through. Nor was “decline to answer” one of the choices offered–only “Multi-racial” or “Other.”

Isn’t this arguably an excessive burden on a fundamental right–voting? You can’t tax me $10 to vote, but you can force me to answer a noxious question? What if they asked my religion? Where are Ward Connerly’s lawyers when we need them?


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