January 10, 2013

GUN-RIGHTS ACTIVISTS: Call Wal-Mart To Express Your Displeasure About Their Meeting With Biden’s Gun-Control Team. “I would tell them that if they cave, they lose a customer and that customer’s family. And you’ll tell anyone likeminded that you know. So, get on it. Also, contact your federal representatives. If everyone who bought an AR-15 magazine since 2004 called their reps, these bills would never get out of committee.”

Plus, from the comments: “I plan to tell them that if they cave, I’ll set aside my principles too. I’ll campaign for every proposed anti-big box ordinance, sign union petitions, make myself a constant presence at zoning/planning hearings, etc. My family will do just fine without crappy Chinese sneakers, but is WalMart prepared for the level of pain we’re willing to bring?”

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