January 9, 2013

ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC: Teachers union leader jokes about killing the rich. But this is my favorite part:

“The thing is, [the rich] think nothing about killing us,” she said. “They think nothing about putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing about lethal working conditions.”

She cited the fact that not all Chicago schools have air conditioning as evidence that the union’s opponents want teachers to work in dangerous conditions.

Well, that is dangerous when you’re morbidly obese, I guess. (See photo). Plus this:

Lewis is no stranger to controversial comments. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, she charged Teach for America with helping to “kill and disenfranchise children from schools across the nation.”

Nice to know that someone like this is playing a major role in America’s public education system.

UPDATE: In case you thought I was exaggerating with that “morbidly obese” line.

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