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January 8, 2013

HEY, ALL THAT CHICK-LIB STUFF WAS JUST FOR THE ELECTION. HE DOESN’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT: WaPo: Obama’s failure to nominate women for two top Cabinet posts questioned. “Obama, who made women’s issues a core of his reelection bid, has nominated men to serve in three of his most prominent national security positions. . . . The moves have disappointed some supporters who said they fear, with Clinton’s departure, a paucity of females among Obama’s top advisers, particularly in the traditionally male-dominated field of defense and security.”

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Dobbs emails:

Look, Michele Flournoy may not end up as Secretary of Defense, but she will get free birth control. Obama and the Democrats didn’t hide the fact that *that* is what they consider the most pressing women’s issue of our day. Well, that and protecting them from billionaire bosses out to give them cancer. In the end, a majority of women, if their votes are any indication, agreed.

Republicans gave a prime time speaking slot at their convention to Condoleezza Rice. The Democrats gave one to Sandra Fluke. Unless I am mistaken, Ms. Fluke hasn’t been on any short lists of cabinet positions in the Obama administration, and Ms. Rice has never advocated for free birth control for women everywhere.

(Two surprises in your post: 1) no “they told me if I voted for Mitt Romney…”; and 2) Not running the pic of Favreau feeling up the cutout of Hillary).

Hey, if you notice the absence, then that means I’ve done my job already . . . .

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