January 7, 2013

WARREN FARRELL: Mass Shootings The Result of Abandoning, Abusing Boys. “For boys, the road to successful manhood has crumbled. In many boys’ journey from a fatherless family to an almost all-female staff elementary school such as Sandy Hook, there is no constructive male role model. . . . There are few things a culture does as important as raising children. We can’t continue to fail half of them.”

As I’ve noted before, perhaps we need Title IX style legislation to address gender discrimination in K-12 teaching.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

I find your article stating we need more male teachers interesting…I reinvented myself after 20+ years in the private sector, deciding to help educate our young people in high school math.

And yet, 2 years after reciving my masters and constantly hearing “we need more male high school math and science teachers” I’m not getting any love. Looks like its back to the private sector.

See, that’s why we need legislation!

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