January 4, 2013

WELL, THERE’S GOOD MONEY IN DOOMSAYING. JUST ASK AL GORE! America: Doomed by Scarcity, Doomed by Plenty, Doomed, Doomed!

Pessimists move so fast they can make your head spin. A few months ago, the conventional wisdom held that America was running out of oil and gas—and so was the whole world. Peak oil and an age of scarcity were falling upon us. Alas and alack, o woe!

But then a few people and publications, including VM, began to take note of something new: vast, once-inaccessible U.S. energy reserves that might outstrip all the reserves in the Middle East (and Canada has even more than we do).

This did not fox pessimists and worriers for long. David Rothkopf has gotten in fastest with what we expect will soon be a common theme: America, once doomed because it had no more oil, is now even more doomed because it has too much.

As long as there’s a market, people will move to fill it.

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