January 2, 2013

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Obama Spreads Chicago Style Divisions Through American Politics.

President Obama can call on all sides to please, pretty please, come together for the good of the country. Just before he ignites yet another self-serving, unnecessarily bitter crisis to keep opponents feuding. And then calls on all sides to reject their politics of division.

Which, by the way, is how the Democrat mayors of Chicago’s machine have managed to rule the Windy City for eight decades, by keeping their party’s feuding factions feuding and unable to coalesce behind an alternative to the Big Guy in City Hall. The Big Guy now is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s actually a tiny fellow who has what Chicago prizes, clout.

But the seeping Chicagoness of the nation’s politics is probably coincidence.

Divide, weaken, and rule. And if the place you rule goes downhill, that’s not as important as that you are the one who rules.

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