December 30, 2012

ON INSIDE WASHINGTON: Evan Thomas, Charles Krauthammer rip Obama for lack of fiscal cliff leadership.

“This is not Congress’ fault,” Thomas said. “Congress is behaving like Congress. This is the president’s fault. The president needs to go to the country and explain why they need to get this done. He has never done that.” . . . Thomas later reiterated his point by saying the aftermath of the election is a time for the president to spend his political capital not on gaining political advantage, but on solving a crisis.

“All political advances are with the president,” Thomas added. “What is he running for? He won, right? This is his time to actually take some political hits and tell the truth for a change instead of trying to get political advantage.”

He’s voting present while casting blame. But you gotta admit, that’s an approach that’s worked pretty well for him so far.

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