December 30, 2012

INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE: State of Kansas wants sperm donor found on Craigslist to pay for daughter born to lesbian couple.

UPDATE: Reader Shane McNeill writes:

As a retired attorney, this case is every reason I got out of private and public law practice once we had children of our own. These idiot parents who have children as some kind of status thing, and then delegate them to pawn in their continuing battle with immaturity or responsibility.

This plaintiff no doubt has no financial skin in this lawsuit, and the guy, who by all accounts did this in good faith for good will and at no profit, no doubt had to hire counsel to reply to this abuse.

Is there any kind of fund established to your knowledge to help this guy offset his legal expenses?

This is bullshit, and everything that is wrong with this country. The article barely glances over the “co-parent” who disappeared apparently shortly after the transaction took place.

And there is no reference of any kind to hold this co-parent responsible for the costs the taxpayers are stuck with due to their irresponsibility.

Yes, it’s pathetic. And I don’t know of any legal defense fund. Does anyone?

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