December 29, 2012

MEGAN MCARDLE: Should People Be Forced to Buy Liability Insurance for their Guns?

No. It’s just an effort to raise the cost of gun ownership, and to accomplish back-door gun registration so that antigun newspapers can run lists of gun-liability-insurance policyholders. But proposals like this do serve to underscore the bad faith of the anti-gun crowd, who are willing to try anything to get their way.

What’s going on is explained here:

The gambit is to get a victory, a win, and push the face of the losers into shit if you can, in order to gain momentum for the next victory, so that you can again humiliate and degrade any winger gun owners and intimidate any good folks who happen to have hunted in the past.

You start the process in motion with a win, and you aren’t sure which win will be the one win to start it, but you keep trying for it.

As I say, bad faith. By bad people.

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