December 27, 2012

UH OH: D.C. police: Illegal for David Gregory to show empty gun magazine on TV.

An ATF official tells POLITICO that the information the D.C. Police official provided to the ATF, which the ATF then provided to “Meet The Press,” was inaccurate.

The D.C. Police official cited in the TMZ report incorrectly told the ATF that it would not be illegal for Gregory to show an empty gun magazine on Meet The Press.

As D.C. Police Officer Metcalf told POLITICO earlier today, it was illegal.

The ATF official, who spoke to POLITICO on the condition of anonymity, said the bureau regretted that the misunderstanding had created these issues.

See, the gun laws are so confusing even the gun bureaucrats can’t get them right. Maybe Gregory can argue that as a defense. . . .

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