December 21, 2012

YA THINK? Max Boot: Benghazi Report Leaves Some Questions Unanswered.

There is little said about the military response to the attacks, beyond the sending of a drone aircraft and the evacuation of the diplomats in Benghazi; and there is even less about the White House role in managing the response to the crisis, even though senior officials, up to and including the president, must have been aware of the attacks as they were occurring. Nor is there anything in the report about the failure, so far, to bring the perpetrators of the attacks to justice. Why, for example, has the administration seemingly decided to treat this as a law enforcement matter, with the FBI in the lead, rather than treating it as an act of war, with the armed forces in the lead? A fuller explanation of those issues awaits, presumably, more congressional digging.

According to a State Department spokesperson, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was unable to comment due to a flare-up of irritable bowel syndrome.

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