December 20, 2012

MAYBE THE “PUBLIC HEALTH” PEOPLE SHOULD SPEND MORE TIME ON PUBLIC HEALTH, AND LESS ON GUNS AND BIG GULPS: The Return Of Tuberculosis. “One of the world’s greatest killers is making a comeback. Once thought to be nearly eliminated as a public health threat, tuberculosis is again becoming a serious danger due to a rapid increase in drug-resistant strains of the disease around the world. Although the U.S. has long been able to avoid most of the deadlier varieties, the boom in international travel has made it easier than ever for deadly strains in other countries to make the leap across the ocean. And sure enough, more of these cases are beginning to appear in the United States. . . . That such a dangerous and contagious disease may be returning in an era of urbanization and globalization is a truly frightening thought.”

It’s criminal that our public health establishment has pursued politicized agendas at the expense of actual disease control.

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