December 12, 2012

BYRAN PRESTON: Assault in Lansing: Leftist Blogs Go Into ‘False Flag’ Mode, Mainstream Media Goes Silent. “It’s not tough to figure out how the mainstream media can turn a hot story into a non-story through monolithic silence. Journolist proved beyond any doubt that many mainstream media figures collude with figures in the radical left-wing blogosphere to protect Democrats and their allies. . . . This alternative version the left offered didn’t have to be true. It didn’t even have to appear to be true. There did not have to be a single grain of a fact anywhere near it. It just had to be floated out there and give so-called mainstream journalists enough of an excuse to decide not to cover the real story. Mainstream media journalists know all about editing, for instance, since they go out of their way to edit out the conservative world view in just about every story they write or produce. Many journalists know about false flag operations, because they are living false flag operations.”

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