December 12, 2012

SO PEOPLE HAVE BEEN COMMENTING ON THE PURE MICHIGAN FACEBOOK PAGE and expressing their anger at Steve Crowder’s being assaulted by union thugs. But Reader Aaron Chmielewski points out that, hey, the good guys won. And he suggests that anger and boycotts of Michigan miss that important point:

Michigan did the right thing and passed the law. Right now Michigan needs the support of sportsmen as well as businesses to make sure that RTW is successful. The site is for sharing tourist information, pictures, and positive stories.

Union members will do everything possible to make RTW seem a disaster, don’t help them out. The quasi-cover-up and failure to arrest Crowder’s attackers is atrocious. Posting “I won’t visit Michigan” is not helpful and shows little more class than the protestors.

Arresting those responsible is important and people should be expressing this. But how is also important. Posters need to show more support and more class. If someone feels compelled to comment, they should be promising to visit when the men arrested and what they are looking forward to when this happens instead of promising not visit like opponents of RTW are also doing.

He’s right. You might want to drop by and thank them for passing the law.

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