December 10, 2012

IT’S NOT A WAR ON WOMEN: It’s a war on married women. “As our lawmakers​—​newly reminded of the power of female voters​—​huddle to strategize about the ‘fiscal cliff,’ they have an opportunity to address a real threat to female prosperity: a tax code that is disproportionately burdensome to married women, especially working moms.”

UPDATE: Reader Andrea Sanford writes:

Thank you for posting the article on how the tax code is unfair to married women.That is exactly our situation. My husband is a Ph.d chemical engineer and I work part time as an RN.There were years it cost us money to work ,but I have always wanted to work part time since I do do a useful job for society and it has always been “insurance” if something were to happen to my husband. So my reward is that I will have to give up a 30 year career this year because my husband’s income fluctuates enough that we could easily go over the 250k mark and suddenly be RICH! Of course “they” know that if you try and protest people will think you are whining and people don’t want to reveal their incomes.It really is not a lot of money.

Also.a tax break that you probably get but bugs me is that our friend that are profs get to send their kids to school free and are never taxed on that benefit. Talk about bonanza. So of course they also don’t really care about tuition.

Well, if my daughter goes to UT I get half off on tuition (but not room and board). Some other places are more generous.

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