December 1, 2012

REPORT: Muslim Brotherhood ‘paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt’ as thousands of demonstrators pour on to the streets.

Were I among the anti-Morsi forces, I’d make a gruesome example of some of these guys, and put the video on YouTube. I’d make their home addresses and family names public, too, so that anyone else tempted to try this would fear all sorts of reprisals.

But then, if I were among the anti-Morsi forces, I’d be trying to decapitate the Muslim Brotherhood, and kill enough lower-level folks to make them keep their heads down. Because that’s how you deal with murderous thugs who are trying to seize your government. Other approaches don’t work. Ask Kerensky.

And it’s not so important that you’re outnumbered. The Bolsheviks were outnumbered, too, until they were on top.

UPDATE: Rick Brookhiser emails:

Your advice to Egyptian moderates tracks what Arnold Beichman, old socialist, said to to me as we looked at the Winter Palace c. 1985: “Kerensky, that jerk–if only he’d shot a few people, millions would be alive!”

Yep. In a revolution, you can’t be halfhearted. And Brookhiser adds:

Thanks for all you do, and an extra thanks to your helpers this fall–they were terrific. (I owe them since I once grumped over your substitutes.)

Heh. I remember that. But it turned out fine this time!

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