December 2, 2012

COMING: A Tea Party Tsunami? It’ll happen if people work to make it happen.

The first Tea Party wave was a threat to Democratic control of Congress, and the response was vicious demonization and false accusations of racism.

Operation Demoralize is the Democrats’ attempt via sympathetic media to convince opponents of the Obama agenda that there is no hope and no alternative but capitulation.

Post-election, Operation Demoralize is in full swing. We are told the permanent liberal majority has arrived, that we live in a media bubble and cocoon, and that we were dishonest — not just wrong — in our 2012 assessments.

Expect Operation Demoralize to go bipartisan. Already we are told to blame the Tea Party movement for not taking back the Senate, even though more “moderate” Republicans lost their races than Tea Party supporters. (Todd Akin uniformly and incorrectly is described as a Tea Party candidate, when he was not.)

In reality, the Tea Party movement gave rise to our next generation of leaders, including Marco Rubio (the establishment backed Charlie Crist) and Ted Cruz (the establishment backed David Dewhurst).

The next thing for Tea Party people to do is to take over their county and state GOP operations. That shouldn’t be especially hard, especially in the wake of a big defeat. Work on recruiting good candidates — not just candidates who say the right thing, but candidates who can win, by not saying the wrong thing — and building networks to support them.

Don’t worry about 2016 right now. Work toward keeping the House in GOP hands — and encouraging those hands to be fiscal-restraint types, not old-style GOP establishment types — and taking back the Senate.

UPDATE: Andrew Morriss recommends Robert Heinlein’s Take Back Your Government. “A good manual for that Tea Party Tsunami!” It’s a little dated technologically, but the basic advice remains sound — particularly the part about how easy it is to get involved at a local and state level.

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