November 20, 2012


But what is this “good education”? How does higher education promote liberty? In fact, universities have become schools for slavery, not of freedom—both in the content of their teaching and now in the practical lessons they teach. The college debt issue illustrates this bondage beautifully. Debtors are of course not free men and women (even if their debts are huge enough to sink the lender). Not to mention that what colleges have been teaching is not conducive to liberty either.

College debt, with its burdens on graduates, epitomizes how colleges have shrunk their freedom. Their four plus years have freed them neither for work nor for a life beyond work, neither for the necessities of life nor for its purposes. In fact, their debt may leave them in a worse position to pursue either than before they began their costly studies.

Read the whole thing, though it’s nothing you haven’t largely heard before.

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