November 17, 2012

ANN ALTHOUSE: More sexism displayed in efforts to defend Susan Rice, this time from Wisconsin member of Congress Gwen Moore.

Women serving in positions of power are subject to the same criticisms as men, and efforts to defend them that are premised on the idea that women deserve special protection, solicitude, or respect or that deploy metaphors from the realm of domestic violence are perversely implying that women do not belong in power. It is absolutely disgusting to defend Susan Rice this way. If we were required to moderate our criticism of women in power, we would need to oppose having women in power in order to preserve our freedom as American citizens.

The suggestion — even implicit — that there is a requirement like this is offensive and retrograde.

Indeed. Who knew that the 21st Century legacy of 20th Century feminism would be a bunch of fainting pearl-clutchers defined by their lady parts?

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