November 14, 2012

KATRINA ON THE HUDSON EAST RIVER: Coney Island: Poor, Black, and Still In The Dark.

UPDATE: President Obama To Visit Storm-Damaged Staten Island.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Staten Islanders offer to school FEMA after Sandy’s wrath.

“There’s no leadership here, nobody knows what’s going on,” said Christopher Janusis, a Staten Island resident, whose house and neighborhood were badly hit by Sandy. . . .

For Janusis and thousands of other Staten Islanders whose lives were so suddenly changed by Sandy, there are many reasons to complain. But rather than do that, and rather than wait for government help, the residents took matters into their own hands: They organized a volunteer-driven relief effort that could be an example for FEMA and other aid agencies might do well to study.

Someone should really write a book on this kind of phenomenon.

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