November 9, 2012

GENERAL PETRAEUS RESIGNS OVER AN AFFAIR, BUT . . . “Is the resignation really about the affair… or is it connected to Benghazi?”

Who was the affair with? That would seem to matter. He was scheduled to testify on Benghazi next week.

UPDATE: Moe Lane: “Seriously, Is there a single member of this administration that has a better public reputation now than when he or she started?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: “If only Petraeus was president instead of head of the CIA then sleeping around wouldn’t be an issue.” That depends. Is he a Democrat?

MORE: So extramarital affairs are now “get of of testifying free” cards? Good to know.

MORE STILL: Stephen Hayes: If David Petraeus was truly “looking forward to testifying” about Benghazi, as his friends claim, what’s stopping him from doing so?

Also: “The way to defuse every single conspiracy theory is to testify, as planned.”

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